Employment Law Firm in Kansas City

Brady & Associates, a Kansas City employment law firm, focuses on representing employees in wage and hour class and collective actions and whistleblowers reporting fraud, in addition to other employment related claims such as discrimination and retaliation. Attorneys at Brady & Associates have successfully represented employees and whistleblowers against some of the nation's largest companies, returning $11.25 Million for US tax payers in False Claims Act qui tam actions alone.

As an employee, you are entitled to be compensated for your hard work. We take pride in fighting companies to ensure that our clients receive the wages they are owed for the hard work they performed. Employers seeking to exploit additional work and time out of their employees without increasing their overhead costs often lead to overtime or minimum wage violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In fact, employers have been so successful in their ever-increasing demands upon employees that most workers are unaware that their FLSA rights have been violated.

Attorneys at Brady & Associates can assist you in determining whether your FLSA or other state wage and hour rights have been violated and how to pursue a class or collective action on behalf of yourself and others who have suffered similar violations of their rights. Large scale FLSA cases are complicated and time-consuming matters. Very few firms in the Kansas City area litigate these types of claims. Any attorneys undertaking these types of cases must be prepared to make tremendous investments of time, energy, and financial resources in order to appropriately pursue them. Such investments are beyond the scope of risk most attorneys and law firms are willing to assume. Our firm has the experience, understanding and resources necessary to pursue your wage and hour law claims.

Our employment law firm also prosecutes False Claims Act qui tam lawsuits representing whistleblowers on behalf of the United States government. In these cases, the whistleblower is rewarded with a share of the government’s recovery. Brady & Associates has represented whistleblowers in qui tam cases which have resulted in the government recovering millions of dollars. These cases require expertise, tenacity and willingness to represent whistleblowers, who have courageously come forward against all odds to report fraud in order to return money to the United States taxpayer and to thwart bad corporate citizens.

False Claims Act qui tam cases involve unique procedures unlike any other civil litigation. Such actions typically also involve either parsing through a maze of contractual provisions or federal regulations, or both, which require large investments of time and resources to explain the fraud to the United States Department of Justice and, if necessary, to the judge or jury in the case. Whether the fraud involves Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Defense or other procurement, or a construction project, our firm possesses the particularized experience, expertise, or resources to handle such cases.

With almost fifty years of combined experience in employment law, attorneys at Brady & Associates have the personal conviction and professional diligence necessary to protect the rights of our clients.

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