Information Technology Misclassification and Computer Tech Representation

If you are an information technology employee or computer technician, there are certain conditions to your ability to receive overtime pay. At Brady & Associates, we focus exclusively on helping workers deal with all types of work-related legal issues, including wage and hour law.

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Information Technology Misclassification

Jobs that fall under the umbrella of information technology cover a wide range of duties. These jobs can be highly stressful, often requiring workers to put in long hours and overtime to get projects done. As determined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), certain IT and computer tech jobs are entitled to overtime pay, while others are exempt.

Workers who spend the majority of their time doing the following IT-related tasks are generally eligible for overtime:

  • Installing computer networks
  • Maintaining computer systems
  • Configuring networks or computer systems
  • Inputting data

Workers who spend the majority of their time doing managerial-type IT work, which requires the exercise of independent judgment and discretion, are generally not eligible for overtime pay. This can include developing management policies, determining new technology and other management-level work.

Often, there is a fine line between exempt and non-exempt IT workers, as workers may perform a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis. At Brady & Associates, we work with you to determine your exempt or non-exempt status and establish whether you may have been misclassified. We help you get paid properly.

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