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Ongoing Lawsuit Against Creekstone Farms

In April of last year, our unpaid overtime lawfirm, Brady & Associates, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court on behalf of workers Paz Sanchez and Elvis Posadas against Creekstone Farms Premium Beef. Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Posadas were designat… Read More
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Slaughterhouses Keep Churning Out Meat, but Workers are Often Injured in the Process

Workers in slaughterhouses face hard and relentless work. According to statistics, the meatpacking industry is one of the most dangerous industries. The stats reveal that it has the highest injury rate of any industry, including five times the nation… Read More
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Chinese Overtime, Bonuses and Incentive Pay: Not a Good Mix?

Most employers are required to pay time and a half to non-exempt employees for any work performed over forty hours in a workweek. One exception is the fluctuating workweek (FWW) method of paying overtime, known to many workers as “Chinese overt… Read More
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Unpaid Internships, Are they Legal?

In an effort to get a head start on the quest for gainful employment upon graduation from college, many students participate in internship programs offered by businesses through college and university career centers. Students use the internship progr… Read More
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Tyson Pays $32 Million to Settle Donning and Doffing Lawsuit

On September 15, 2011, a class action wide settlement was approved on behalf of workers at 41 Tyson poultry plants. More than 17,000 Tyson employees had participated in the lawsuit in which plaintiffs claim they had not been properly paid for putting… Read More
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Fair Pay to Resolve Economic Woes

The New York Times published an editorial during the Labor Day weekend of 2010, written by former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich. The article addressed the issues this country continues to endure one year later. Specifically, Mr. Reich states that, &#… Read More
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Home Care Workers Fight for Minimum Wage and Overtime Protection through FLSA

In 1974 Congress added domestic workers to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), however, those employees that provided “companionship services” were exempted. At that time, the business of providing home care was barely a cottage industry… Read More
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Do Republicans Want to Diminish Overtime Protection in the Fair Labor Standards Act?

The Fair Labor Standards Act or “FLSA” is a federal statute, enacted by congress that protects many workers’ rights to fair pay. Under the FLSA, covered employees have minimum wage protections as well as rights to receive overtime c… Read More
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Are You Entitled to Be Paid For Time Spent Hauling Equipment From Home?--Federal Appeals Court Says "Yes"

In 2006, a federal appeals court whose decisions are binding precedent for the United States District Court of Kansas (as well as lower federal courts in several other States) examined whether oil riggers were entitled to be paid overtime for certain… Read More
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Wage Lawsuit Filed Against Creekstone Farms

Unpaid wages and overtime are sought by employees at a Kansas slaughterhouse, Creekstone Farms Premium Beef. The federal lawsuit seeks class-action status for the 700 individuals employed by the Arkansas City plant. Workers at the plant are seeking m… Read More
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