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Requiring a Bartender to Perform Non-tipped Side Work May Violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Does a Bar or Restaurant Have to Pay a Bartender Minimum Wage for Non-tipped Side Work? The bar and restaurant industry generates $799 billion in annual sales, and employs almost 15 million people. With over 1 million bars and restaurants in the Unit… Read More
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President Trump Proposes Making Tip Pooling Legal Again – What That Means for Restaurant Workers

The pay-disparity between tipped and non-tipped employees is one of the more contentious issues facing restaurants today. On December 4, 2017, the Department of Labor proposed new regulations that are intended to reduce this pay-gap. But critics fear… Read More
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How to Report Tips on Your Taxes

As April 15 draws near, Americans are busy preparing their tax returns. If you receive tips as a significant part of your income, you may have questions about whether you are required to report your tips as income, how to report tips on your taxes, w… Read More
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Playing with “Waffle House” Money Owed to Tipped Employees

So you are (or were, within the last two years) a server at a Waffle House. Waffle House, or one its franchisees, pays you about $3.00 an hour. You also receive tips. Your boss tells you to report when your wages plus tips, taken together, fall short… Read More
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New York Court Rules Some Starbucks Supervisors Eligible For Tip-Pooling

A recent opinion by the New York Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state, said that Starbucks baristas are now obligated to share their tips with shift supervisors. The fight over tip pooling will be a boon to supervisors, but the assistant… Read More
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A Tip of the Cap to the Department of Labor for Supporting Tipped Employees

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, but federal law allows an employer to take a “tip credit” of up to $5.12 an hour for a “tipped employee.” If the employer pays the tipped employee at least $2.13 an hour and the tippe… Read More
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