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Fraudulent Off-Label Marketing of Prescription Drugs

The Department of Justice and qui tam plaintiffs have settled cases involving “off-label marketing” of prescription drugs for billions of dollars. In such fraud cases, companies seek to increase their revenue using various off-label marketing met… Read More
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Medical Equipment Supplier Agrees to Pay United States $898,523.08 to Resolve Fraud Claims Brought by Whistleblower Represented by Brady & Associates

Mark Kistler and Michael Brady of the law firm Brady & Associates represented whistleblower Jeremy Novak in a case involving a medical equipment supplier overcharging federal health care programs. O’Connor Medical Supply, Inc. and its owner, Ja… Read More
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Insurers Accused of Medicare Advantage Fraud

Most people understand that spending in the medical industry is out of control. Health care spending represents an astonishing figure, something like 17% of the value of the U.S. economy, an amount almost impossible to comprehend. With so much money… Read More
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Federal Appeals Decision Could Signal Change for Medicare Advantage Fraud Cases

An August 2016 decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals revived a Medicare Advantage Fraud case that had been pronounced dead by a California district court in 2013. In 2013, a central California district court dismissed a federal whistleblower… Read More
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Whistleblower Reward - Medical Device Cold Calling

The False Claims Act (the FCA) provides for rewards to private citizens for filing a lawsuit as a whistleblower with information that results in the federal government recovering ill-gotten gains from unscrupulous companies at taxpayer expense. If th… Read More
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Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Prevention Saved Taxpayers $42 Billion from 2012-14

Medicare and Medicaid fraud is rampant, costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars a year. In an effort to combat fraudulent billing practices, CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has instituted efforts to prevent medical billing fra… Read More
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Whistleblowers Expose Michigan Oncologist Convicted of Fraud Involving Hundreds of Cancer Patients

In a tragic discovery, a Michigan oncologist has been convicted of fraud after taking advantage of hundreds of his patients in the suburbs of Detroit. The scam, which involved both cancer patients, as well as those who were allegedly misled into beli… Read More
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Senator Grassley to Go After Medicare Advantage Overbilling

Medicare Advantage insurance coverage has long relied on a subjective standard when assessing the condition of patients for billing purposes. To be sure, under Medicare Advantage, a program enacted by Congress in 2003, insurance providers must rate p… Read More
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Federal Government Made $100 Billion In Improper Payments Last Year

Waste often comes to mind when discussing government spending. People intuitively realize that it costs a lot of money to operate a government as sprawling as ours, and that money is bound to get lost somewhere along the way. Turns out the level of w… Read More
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Hope Cancer Institute and Oncologist Agree to Pay United States $2.9 Million to Resolve Fraud Claims Brought by Whistleblowers

Hope Cancer Institute, Inc., and its owner, oncologist Dr. Raj Sadasivan, have agreed to pay the United States over $2.9 million to settle claims that they defrauded federally-funded medical insurance programs. Dr. Sadasivan founded Hope Cancer Insti… Read More
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