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Wells Fargo In Trouble Over Its Treatment Of Whistleblowers

When it comes to whistleblowers, Wells Fargo hasn’t had a particularly good track record in recent years. In fact, some have described the workplace culture at the financial institution as troubled, one where the company goes out of its way to stym… Read More
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Whistleblowers Get Boost From the Supreme Court

A recent Supreme Court decision comes as a welcome relief to two bank whistleblowers who invested years of their lives fighting their former employer in court. The two saw evidence of wrongdoing and raised concerns to their superiors and were fired f… Read More
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I Want to be a Whistleblower but am Afraid I’ll Lose My Job

If you have information that your employer is committing fraud against the government, you might be considering filing a whistleblower claim. If you want to be a whistleblower but you’re concerned that you might be fired or face other forms of… Read More
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Senator Grassley to the Trump White House: "Treat Whistleblowers Right"

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley has been getting a lot of press lately. As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he played a prominent role in the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Grassley will continue to be in the spotlight durin… Read More
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Senator Grassley to Go After Medicare Advantage Overbilling

Medicare Advantage insurance coverage has long relied on a subjective standard when assessing the condition of patients for billing purposes. To be sure, under Medicare Advantage, a program enacted by Congress in 2003, insurance providers must rate p… Read More
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Whistleblower Claims Increase In 2014

New data released by a prominent anti-fraud group in Washington, Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund, revealed that payments by companies accused of violating the False Claims Act rose in fiscal year 2014, hitting a record $5 billion. The rise i… Read More
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New Whistleblower Program Leads To Big Payout

It’s been sadly too often the case that government whistleblower programs find themselves in the news for all the wrong reasons. The SEC has been taken to task for failing to follow up on the thousands of tips it has received while the IRS ap… Read More
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Senator Grassley Wants Whistleblower Caucus

Whistleblowers are a group of people who seldom get the respect they deserve. Think about it, most whistleblowers are ordinary Americans with ordinary jobs and ordinary concerns. Despite their seeming ordinariness, these people decide to take the e… Read More
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Senators Ask Tough Questions About OSHA's Whistleblower Program

A lot of attention has recently been focused on the performance (or lack thereof) of the IRS whistleblower program. The IRS’s program, as well as a similar program in place at the SEC, typically garners the bulk of attention surrounding gover… Read More
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Too Big To Jail? Maybe Not, According To Prosecutors

Federal prosecutors appear to be getting closer to bringing criminal charges against financial institutions that were previously seen as untouchable. A recent article in the New York Times discussed how the perception that banks were “too big t… Read More
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