Donning and Doffing / Changing Clothes

Several recent decisions by various Courts and administrative agencies have had noteworthy effect on whether employees, particularly union employees, should be paid for “donning and doffing” materials, personal protective equipment, tools and other garb under Federal Law. As case law is developing on this important issue, many activities related to time spent donning, doffing, washing and walking time now may be compensable in districts where they previously may have been considered non-compensable.

This has been the result of new interpretations from the Department of Labor, new case law interpreting the meaning of “clothes,” and new decisions as to whether such donning and doffing time is an activity that is integral and indispensable to the employee’s primary job duties. From personal protective equipment (PPE) to OSHA required safety gear, many employees spend time to meet safety requirements. An employment attorney can help you determine if your time should be compensated.

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If your employer requires you to don and doff materials, personal protective equipment, tools or other items without pay, you should contact a wage and hour attorney. Our lawyers can help determine whether your employer should be compensating you for this time. Brady & Associates offers consultation by phone or online. Located in the greater Kansas City area, we have represented clients in Kansas and Missouri and throughout the midwest. Call (913) 696-0925 or complete our online information form.