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Gang Time

Gang time is a method by which meat packing employers pay production line employees. Gang time measures the amount of time that meat products are running through a specified station on the production line. Gang time almost always results in the employer’s systematic unlawful failure to pay hourly production employees for all hours “worked” for purposes of employees’ overtime rights.

Specifically, gang time systematically fails to account for legally compensable pre-shift, post-shift and meal break work-related activities — most notably, time spent donning and doffing safety and sanitary gear, and related activities that are preformed either away from the production line, or before or after it is running. Gang time also typically fails to account for all legally compensable time employees spend on the production line itself, especially pre-shift time and post-shift time while the line is not running. Gang time also fails to account for time employees spend finishing production work after the meat hits the designated point to start and stop the gang time clock—that is, gang time typically fails to account for several minute a day that employees spend processing meat at their work station to complete their shifts.

In these various ways, gang time routinely results in legally compensable “work time” being effectively left “off the clock” for purposes of employees’ right to be fully paid their overtime.

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