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Working off the Clock

Businesses make money in one of two ways: 1) increase revenues; or 2) decrease overhead. If businesses increase their prices too much, they run the risk of losing customers. In today's economy, raising prices is particularly risky, because many consumers and customers are barely able to spend money on bare essentials. In order to increase revenue, businesses often times look to decrease overhead as a safer short-term solution to profitability. This could mean employees end up working off the clock to meet expectations.

One common way an employer cuts costs is by not paying their employees for all hours worked. Having employees stay late, come in early, or help on their days off are all examples in which employers may require employees to work off the clock. Clocking employees out for meal periods when the employee doesn't actually take a meal also constitutes off the clock work.

Employees who work off the clock should be paid for the time they have provided to their employer. Wage violations artificially impact the economy by giving employers who violate the law a distinct advantage in terms of costs of doing businesses. Employees and other law-abiding businesses suffer when an employer violates the law because the employer violating the law artificially lowers their cost of doing business, making them more competitive unlawfully.

You work hard for your employer, and you should be paid for that work. Don't let your employer take advantage of your generous nature by not paying you for your devotion, hard work, and dedication. Employees deserve to be paid for all hours they have worked. If you have been required to perform off the clock work that is in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), it is important to be aware of your legal rights.

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