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Improper Deductions

Under Federal law, employers may make deductions from non–exempt employees’ pay, PROVIDED HOWEVER that, in making those deductions, the employee’s rate of pay does not fall below minimum wage. Put simply, if your employer is deducting your pay enough to decrease your hourly rate below $7.25 per hour, your employer may have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Moreover, many state laws, including Kansas, also prohibit employers from making deductions that do not “accrue to the benefit of the employee.” Typically, uniforms, cash shortages, processing fees, breakage charges, and other types of deductions are prohibited under Kansas Law. This prohibition is in addition to the Federal laws prohibiting certain kinds of deductions, described above.

Was Your Paycheck Subject to Deductions that Violate the FLSA or Kansas Law?

If your employer has been charging you money for things that benefit the employer, you may be entitled to relief. Please contact our Kansas City employment attorneys for a free evaluation as to whether your employer is violating state wage law.

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