For employees who work from home, there can be a fine line between work and personal life. When this line gets blurred by excessive telecommuting duties that infringe upon your personal and family time, our attorneys will help you draw your line in the sand.

What's Up with Your "Down" Time?

A little down time is the richest reward for your hard work. Whether you work for an hourly wage or are a salaried employee, if you have racked up overtime by working from home and your efforts are not accounted for come payday, you likely have a legitimate wage and hour claim.

Representing Telecommuting Employees

Based near Kansas City, Brady & Associates provides proactive legal advice to telecommuting employees regarding their wage and hour concerns. The Attorneys at Brady & Associates have the experience and skills to help clients get the compensation they deserve for the extra work they do. As telecommuting becomes more and more prevalent, we will continue to stand by our clients to get their due rewards.

Is it possible that your employer does not even know the extent of all the "extra" work you accomplish away from the traditional office setting? If so, it is time they find out and pay you accordingly. Contact us by phone at (913) 696-0925 or by e-mail to set up an initial consultation by phone with one of our qualified attorneys.

Fluctuating Work Week

When working from home, time reporting is on your honor, but many committed employees are honorable almost to a fault. Many of our clients become accustomed to watching their home life get trampled as work duties go unchecked and trespass well into their evenings and weekends. Whether this occurs semi-regularly or routinely, or your employer has failed to come through with promised compensation time, you may have a wage and hour case as a telecommuting employee who doesn’t always know how to quit at five o’ clock.

Our attorneys will meet with clients after hours by appointment. Contact us to resolve your telecommuting situation.