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Billing Government for Improperly Licensed Providers Leads to Liability Under False Claims Act

In an important decision under the False Claims Act, on June 16, 2016, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision that will allow claims under a theory called "implied false certification." Under the theory, service providers can face… Read More
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Federal Appeals Court Sides with Whistleblowers, Limiting Public Disclosure Bar in False Claims Act Case

Qui tam relators, or whistleblowers who file claims under the False Claim Act alleging fraud against the federal government, are highly important members of society, those whose daring actions help uncover often fraudulent or illegal activity perpe… Read More
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Senator Grassley to Go After Medicare Advantage Overbilling

Medicare Advantage insurance coverage has long relied on a subjective standard when assessing the condition of patients for billing purposes. To be sure, under Medicare Advantage, a program enacted by Congress in 2003, insurance providers must rate p… Read More
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Lobbyists Seek To Change False Claims Act

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley is at it again, this time coming out swinging in a full-throated defense of the False Claims Act (FCA). The Iowa Republican says that recent attempts by corporate lobbyists to alter the measure represent a serious atta… Read More
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Whistleblower Claims Increase In 2014

New data released by a prominent anti-fraud group in Washington, Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund, revealed that payments by companies accused of violating the False Claims Act rose in fiscal year 2014, hitting a record $5 billion. The rise i… Read More
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New Whistleblower Program Leads To Big Payout

It’s been sadly too often the case that government whistleblower programs find themselves in the news for all the wrong reasons. The SEC has been taken to task for failing to follow up on the thousands of tips it has received while the IRS ap… Read More
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Senator Grassley Wants Whistleblower Caucus

Whistleblowers are a group of people who seldom get the respect they deserve. Think about it, most whistleblowers are ordinary Americans with ordinary jobs and ordinary concerns. Despite their seeming ordinariness, these people decide to take the e… Read More
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Hope Cancer Institute and Oncologist Agree to Pay United States $2.9 Million to Resolve Fraud Claims Brought by Whistleblowers

Hope Cancer Institute, Inc., and its owner, oncologist Dr. Raj Sadasivan, have agreed to pay the United States over $2.9 million to settle claims that they defrauded federally-funded medical insurance programs. Dr. Sadasivan founded Hope Cancer Ins… Read More
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Regulators Turn Critical Eye Towards For-Profit Colleges

In an announcement that will hopefully save millions of eager and unsuspecting students from the trap of large student loan debt, the Obama administration recently revealed it would seek to impose new oversight of for-profit colleges. Specifically,… Read More
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Fight Against Financial Fraud Needs Funding

A recent piece in the Boston Globe discussed the serious problem of government fraud and noted that lawmakers on the national level need to do more than just give the problem lip service. Rather than simply talk about the importance of reducing fra… Read More
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